Taka six thousand crore vanishes from the capital market  

Senior Correspondent, Barta24.com, Dhaka
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Photo: Collected

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In the first week of the new fiscal year the capital amounting to Taka six thousand crore of the investors were vanished away. In the outgoing week, price of the shares of several companies and index along with transaction have showed down trend. So the market capital of the investors has also reduced.

According to the data of Dhaka Stock Exchange(DSE)on account of Bank Holiday the transaction was closed on Monday(July 1) the share market transaction was held for three days(June 30-July 4). During this time share fall held on three days while the price index showed upward trend for one day only.

During last week the amount of total transaction was Taka 1947 crore 47 lakh 68 thousand 133. Before last week of that week the amount of transaction was Taka 2118 crore 73 lakh 68 thousand 356 which is 8.8 percent according to percentage account.

In the outgoing week the price of the shares of 165 companies have enhanced while the price of 166 companies were reduced and the price of 23 companies remained static.

The main index of DSEX has comedown to 5380 points reducing by 49 points. Among two other indexes, DS-30 has reduced by 14 points and stood at 1910 points and another stood at 1233 points reducing by 12 points.

For theses reasons the capital of the investors has come down to Taka 4 lakh 82 thousand crore after reducing by Taka 2 thousand 893 crore 42 lakh 67 thousand 836.

Similarly in Chattogram Stock Exchange (CSE) the main index stood at 16469 punts reducing by 173 points. In the said week the amount of transaction was Taka 243 crore 68 lakh 98 thousand 875.

The price 138 companies have increased while price of 140 companies have decreased and price of 24 companies remained unchanged. So the market capital has reduced to Taka 3391 crore 15 lakh 70 thousand.