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Former enclave people to cast vote in the Indian election


Senior Correspondent, Kolkata, | 10 April 2019, 05:01PM

Former enclave people to cast vote in the Indian election
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Dhaka,(  Former enclave people will participate in the Indian national election for the first time beginning from April 11. The enclave problem of Bangladesh and India was a burning issue in South Asian political arena. But the decade old problem which was supposed to be solved after the signing of Land Boundary Agreement between Bangladesh Prime Minister  Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1974. But unfortunately it did not happen.

After remaining as an irritant between the two neighboring countries for decades the curtain of uncertainty was pulled off in the midnight of July 31 of 2015.  At that time only 922 state less people crossed into Bangladesh.  Though there was a possibility of influx of more people but the efficient administrative setup of Bangladesh led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina resisted that attempt. The rest people of the enclaves stayed back in India where there was option to do so. 

However there are few more unsolved bilateral problems between the two countries which will also be solved as expressed by Bangladesh Prime Minister’s Economic Adviser Dr. Mashiur Rahman.

 Addressing a seminar in Kolkata recently Dr. Mashiur Rahman said that Pakistan –India have been sharing the common river water on which the whole irrigation system of hostile Pakistan was build up. But there was no such pact between India and Bangladesh. As a result we are not getting the share of Teesta water causing serious problem for our irrigation, navigation and also destroying  the flora and fauna. India is a great country which is also the largest democratic country of the world. India will definitely realize the life and death question of her friendly neighbor Bangladesh. Mashiur hoped the problem of Teesta and other common rivers will be solved like the enclave.   

However, polling in Koch bihar will be held on April 11 when the newly entrant former enclave people numbering 922 and previous 15000 will cast their vote for the first time. How the newly inducted Indian citizens are doing was asked to Prof. Debobrata Chaki(Senior fellow of Ministry of culture, Govt. of India) said that if at least one member of their family could be employed then their problems would have been solved much earlier. Prof. Chaki has been working with the enclave issue for a long time. However they are getting other facilities, Prof. Chaki said. 

Prof. Chaki said that the enclave people had all the legal documents they acquired during the reign of former Moharaja of Kochbihar. But none heard to them. At the time of transfer these people did not get the compensation of their land left by them now under Government control. Besides other problems they are connected with the mainstream people. They are getting similar treatment like the original Indian citizens from the government. 

In recent election rallies both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Momota Banarjee assured many bigs for the former enclave people but time will say what they get after May 23. 

This time a total of 15000 former enclave people including the newly entrant 922 entered on July 31 of 2015 will exercise their right of franchise.  The national poll has created much enthusiasm among them with the expectation that good days are coming ahead.