The English purchased the subject rights of Kolkata for Taka 1300.00

Dr. Mahfuz Parvez, Contributing Editor,
Dr. Mahfuz Parvez

Dr. Mahfuz Parvez

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Due to the rebellious activities of Shova Shing the normal administration and peace was greatly hampered. The rebels came very close to Hooghly and Khana fort. The military commanders and the Zamindars of Hooghly sought the help of the English, the Duchess and the French to resist the rebels. Taking this opportunity the English sought the permission from the Nawab of Dhaka, Ibrahim khan to make their business houses well protected. But the Nawab had no right to give written permission. Because in the earlier time in a royal order it was specifically mentioned that the English could not do any pucca work of house building or boundary wall in Sutanati.

Then Nawab gave them verbal permission to make their own security. The clever English taking this chance of verbal permission started doing many activities tactfully. Without making delay the English, the French, and the Duchess started construction of forts at Sutanati, Chandannagar and Chuchura respectively. The tactics of the English played very important role in quelling the rebellions of Shova Shing.

At that time far from Dhaka, the English built the Fort William structure in the remote village of Sutanati. Nawab of Dhaka had no chance to visit the place physically. However after the suppressing the Zamindars the English built the fort very secretly. Some security measures were taken regarding Chandannagar and Chuchura as the two places were a bit populous and at the centre of communication. So no fort was built in those two places. But in Sutanati the English built a complete fort. Though their motive at that time could not be understood but soon their far reaching plan became evident.

After the building of the fort, the English became more active to become the owners of more land. Though they completed the fort construction very rapidly they knew it well that they had no title of the land. So they decided to buy  Sutanati, Gobindapur and Kolkata situated on the bank of river Bhagirathi.

The former Zamindar of Hooghly Jainuddin Khan specially helped the English in buying the neighboring villages of greater Kolkata. The Zamindar made the prince of Delhi Faruqshyar agreed to obtain the permission at the cost of Taka 16000.00 as ‘Selami’. After obtaining that permission the English bought the subject rights of Sutanati, Kolkata and Gobindapur at a cost of Taka 1300.00 only from Ramchand Roy and Monohor Roy, Zamindars of Sabarna dynasty.            

The date of Kolkata purchase was November 10, 1698. About 60 years ago before battle of Palassy , the English had started to take various steps secretly to grab the whole of Bengal.

After establishing their rights on land, the English came to an advantageous position in the social and economic fields of Bengal. Then gradually the English East India Company  took the position to grab the  political power and authority in India that ran about two hundred years. END

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