Is Turkey tilting towards Russia?

Md. Kawsar Ahmed, Barta
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As the geographical location of Turkey is situated in both Asia and Europe the country has occupied an important position in world politics geopolitically or strategically. From the time of the founder of modern Turkey by Mostofa Kamal Atartuk the country has been maintaing close relations with USA and European countries. But when USA lent their support to the Kurdish, the country’s present ruling Islamist party government wants to build a relation with Russia for maintaining balance of power who was a rival during cold war.

For the last one decade Turkey was trying to join the EEU. But the talk has become stalled after an abortive coup against president Tyep Erdowan in July of 2016.

The EEU leaders are accusing president Erdowan that he has violated the very norms and pre-conditions and visa free movement as he carried on arrests and cleansing campaign across the country after the abortive coup.

On the other hand the Turkish president is of opined that we should not be in a fix regarding the joining of EEU. Rather we can join a Eurasian group with Russia and China. Erdowan has said that he has already discussed the matter with Russian president Vladimir Putin. He has discussed the matter with the policy makers of Kazakhstan.

On the other hand these two countries are members of Songhai pact which is a loose security and economic alliance. The other members of this alliance are China, Kirgizstan and Tajikistan.

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Let us come to the core point. Can Turkey is maintaining balance of power? Or it is tilting towards Russia? In NATO led by USA, Turkey is second largest army personnel owned country. Turkey is now carrying on onslaughts in Syria against US interests cooperating with Russia. The relation between Turkey and USA further strained when Turkey purchased most modern missile S-400 from Russia.

US vice-president Mike Pence has warned Turkey for purchasing aircraft destroying missile S-400 technology from Russia. The US is considering it as a threat for the US air power.

Mike Pence has said that now Turkey is to select that whether they will remain as the important member of NATO or they would prefer to take irresponsible decision putting them into security risk?

In reply, the Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Chavusuglu said that it is not possible to scrap that pact with Russia.

Turkish vice president Fuat Oktey twitted that ‘the USA must select whether they want to remain as friend of Turkey? Nor they want to put the long friendship into risk joining their hand with the terrorists. Those who want to weaken the NATO allies against their fight with the enemies. (Source: BBC, April 4 2019).

Now let us know, what are features contained in the S-400 missile defense system for which it is getting so much importance to every one. According to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute researcher Simon Watzemon “ S-400 is the most modern air defense system till now, it is far in advance than the Western countries’ systems. The capacity of its radar, missiles technology and sensor is much more powerful. Its radar can keep vigil up to 600 kilometers. The range of its missile is up to 400 kilometers. It is also unmistakable in fixing targets.”

The other important features are that it is easily portable, can be installed within shortest time and can be fired on the targets very correctly.

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The military expert of Council on Foreign Relations Kevin Brand said that,” this missile system is very much advanced having many unqualified features. With this missile short range, medium range and long range rockets can be fired. It will depend on the users.” (Source: Al Zajira)

According to foreign policy analysts Ankara is making close relations with Moscow after its relations with US and Europe became sour.

The reason of close relation between Ankara and Moscow lies with the fact that the US encouragement to Turkish leader Fetullah Gulen by giving him asylum and to stage a coup in Turkey by Gulen’s followers. But its root is more deep that the attitudes of Turkey and USA are on different poles on Syria policy.