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BJP won for the 2nd time in Indian election


International Desk, | 23 May 2019, 08:22PM

BJP won for the 2nd time in Indian election
BJP leader Narendra Modi, Photo: collected

The ruling BJP retained the control of Indian politics by making a land slide victory in the 17th parliament election held in seven phases. Narendra Modi is going to seat in the coveted post of the Prime Minister of India for the second time, the largest democracy of the world. To the contrary Congress will remain out of power for two consecutive times.

According to the results published in NDTV, the NDA led by BJP has bagged 337 seats while Congress got 96 seats so far. The independent and other alliance won in 109 seats.

The NDA has also increased their share along with land slide victory this time. In last 16th parliament election NDA got 336 seats. Their share might exceed the last times’ won seats.

Though Congress failed to go to power they have increased their seats this time. Last occasion UPA got 60 seats but they have captured 96 seats while the independent parties got 109 seats.

Congress cut a very sorry figure in the Uttar Pradesh where the number of parliamentary seat is highest. Rahul Gandhi’s Congress got only one seat in this province. The ruling BJP got 58 seats in this province.

Meanwhile Narendra Modi has described this victory as the victory of India. He expressed utter satisfaction in a twit message. He congratulated the people of India for this positive approach to take the country ahead.

On the land slide victory of BJP under the dynamic leadership of Narendra Modi Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has felicitated Narendra Modi for this victory. On Thursday afternoon (May 23) Sheikh Hasina in a message said that the victory of Narendra Modi will further strengthen the existing friendly relation between the two brotherly countries. She wished Modi’s good health and continuous progress of India.