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Colossal flash flood hit Washington D.C.


International Desk, | 9 July 2019, 02:34PM

Colossal flash flood hit Washington D.C.
Photo: Collected

Heavy rain fell onto Washington, D.C., on Monday, flooding streets and causing bundles of leaks throughout the district, according to NBC Washington.

Drivers were left stranded in their vehicles as the streets were full of water. Leaks dripped through into Metro stations as well.

Many areas in Washington, D.C., experienced 3-4 inches of rain in about an hour. The Reagan National Airport authority said it recorded 3.3 inches raining in an hour between 9am and 10am on Monday.

A flash flood warning went into effect Monday due to heavy downpour.

Dramatic photos and videos were captured and shared on social media, showing the torrential rain and flooding in the district and in Maryland.

Source: NBC