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Opposition parties to back Modi on Kashmir issue in UN


Special Correspondent,, Dhaka | 10 September 2019, 07:11AM

Opposition parties to back Modi on Kashmir issue in UN
Congress leader Shashi Tharur, photo: collected

Pakistan is going to raise the Kashmir issue in the Human Rights council of the United Nations (UN). The opposition parties in India on this issue are united with Narendra Modi.

Congress leader Shashi Tharur addressed a press conference attacking Pakistan in New Delhi on Monday (Sept.9).

He told the news men that Pakistan has no right to speak about the internal matters of India. We are in opposition so we can criticize the government on Kashmir issue. But we are united outside India. We will not budge an inch land to Pakistan.

The foreign minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshy has gone to UN Human Rights council at Geneva on a three day visit. He will deliver his address in the 42nd session of UN Human Rights council on Kashmir issue. 

Indian Congress leader Shashi Tharur said that Pakistan is trying to raise complaints against us there as they did it in the past. Pakistan has forcibly occupied Kashmir. They have no right to raise finger against us.  

When asked about the position of the opposition parties about the upcoming address of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the General Assembly of UN, Tharur replied that we are with him in the UN.

It is fact that the Kashmiri people are facing problems and the opposition parties will continue to ask the government about Kashmir, Shahsi Tharur said. 

He further said we must understand that it is a reality that our brothers in Kashmir have been facing fire tests. The people are passing days without telephones and internets. The parents cannot talk with their children. The political leaders are detained. Elected MP Farooque Abdullah was not allowed to join in the meeting. We have raised these in the parliament and we will continue to raise these within the country.