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Health benefits of your favorite drink ‘Coffee’


Fawzia Farhat Anika, Staff Correspondent, Lifestyle | 11 July 2019, 03:51PM

Health benefits of your favorite drink ‘Coffee’
Coffee, Photo: Collected

There’s so many of us can’t even start a day without sipping in coffee mug.

The sweet smell of brewed coffee instantly put us in good mood. Worldwide the most popular drink coffee itself has so many health benefits along with it’s amazing taste. Here’s a list of coffee’s health benefits.

Lowered risk of Diabetes

Archives of Internal Medicine states, those who drink 3-4 cups of coffee per day had almost 20-225% lower risk of having type-2 diabetes. Besides a recent research conducted by Harvard’s Dr. Frank Hu showed, chances of having type-2 diabetes decreases by 9% for daily consumption of coffee and by 6% for decaf coffee.

Reduce depression and suicidal thought

Archives of Internal Medicine shows a spectacular information. A 10 year long study of 86,000 female nurses shows, those who drank coffee had lower suicidal tendency and risk of suicidal thoughts. Even Harvard states, daily 4 cup of coffee lowered depression by 20-25%.

Coffee decrees heart disease

Among all other benefits of coffee, this one is really something. Korean researchers found that participants who consumed 3-5 cup of coffee a day show less signs of any kind of heart diseases. Another and most recent study conducted in Brazil found, those who have more or 3 cups of coffee daily, develop less calcification problem in coronary arteries.

In addition a running year study confirmed coffee doesn’t hardening the arteries. Even when the participants drank 25 cups of coffee per day.

Reduce muscle pain

Two cup of coffee per day can cut post-workout pain in muscles up to 48-50%. Journal of pain states this information in March 2007.

Fiber intake

Do you know your favorite liquid drink also has fibers in it. A cup to brewed coffee can have up to 1.8 grams of fiber. So the Journal of Agricultural and food Chemistry in US suggest to consume 3-4 cup of coffee per day in order to increase fiber consumption.

Prevent liver cirrhosis

A recent study showes coffee in beneficial for the most important organ liver. both coffee and decaffeinated coffee help to lower the liver enzyme level of coffee drinkers.