Monsoon skin care you need to know

Fawzia Farhat Anika, Staff Correspondent, Lifestyle
In every different season skin required special care, Photo: Collected

In every different season skin required special care, Photo: Collected

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Monsoon season is here. With it’s fresh fragrance, greenery view, cool breeze and beauty. But monsoon also bring some seasonal skin problem along with it’s intoxicating rainy fragrance.

With season change you’ll experience some skin problems. Specially if your skin is oily and acne prone, problems will rise accordingly. To protect those unwanted skin problems, you need to follow some monsoon skin care routine. Some specific skin care can help you to protect your skin well enough. Here’s some special tips for skin care in monsoon.

1. If you see it’s cloudy and rainy outside, don’t skip to apply your sunscreen. The harmful ultra-violet (UV) ray is always there and will harm your skin. Apply sunscreen in proper way.

2. In rainy days chances of having fungal infections in skin is higher than most of the time. Make sure to wash your face two-three times at least in a day. And don’t forget to dry your face accordingly. That way your skin will be clean and safe.

3. With cool weather you’ll get less thirsty than summer. But never forget to drink plenty of water in order to keep your skin fresh and out of pimples.

4. Try to avoid using makeup products as much as you can. With high humidity your skin will get clogged easily and cause pimples. And whenever use any makeup products, must clean them before going to bed.

5. Must exfoliate your skin using all natural products. Make a natural exfoliator with coffee, tea bag, sugar, baking soda, papaya, oatmeal and fresh yogurt. Don’t use this exfoliator too harsh on your skin. After exfoliation clean your skin and use moisturizer.