3 Drinks to ease Heartburn

Fawzia Farhat Anika, Staff Correspondent, Lifestyle
Unhealthy foods create heartburn, Photo: Collected

Unhealthy foods create heartburn, Photo: Collected

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Most of us very often feel burning and painful sensation in our chest and throat.

This heartburn occurs because of Acid reflux problem. As we mostly eat oily and unhealthy foods, heartburn became very common health problem to us.

Heartburn or acid reflux problem considered one of the most chronic yet common health related problems. This digestive system related problem called Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GRED).

Unfortunately, there’s a wide range of drinks that create and increase heartburn. Such as- citrus juice, carbonated beverages, caffeinated beverages, chocolate milk and alcohol.

But there’s also a limited range of drinks that ease heartburn and acid reflux problem. Here’s 3 fine drinks name to consume during heartburn.

Ginger tea


Naturally ginger helps to soothes stomach by reducing production of stomach acid. Completely caffeine free ginger tea is a very refreshing drink itself. You can have it with a spoon full of fresh honey.

To make ginger tea cut some fresh ginger and boil it in a cup of water. Drain it, mix honey and drink.


Some people may face acid reflux problem with dairy foods. But yogurt is different. Plain yogurt helps to ease heartburn and helps to digest food properly. To have yogurt mis it with honey and cold water and make a simple drink.

Coconut water

Pure and natural coconut water is one of the greatest remedies of heartburn and acid reflux problem. With loads of electrolyte such as potassium, coconut water promote pH balance in body and control acid reflux.