Amazing health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Fawzia Farhat Anika, Staff Correspondent, Lifestyle
Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

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One of the most well know vinegars is Apple cider vinegar (ACV).

Many claimed it has so many health benefits and that’s very true. This liquid contains different type of natural health benefits supported by science. The vinegar proceed from pure apple juice has acetic acid in it, which gives it strong smell and sour taste.

Many may use it as salad dressing or in cooking. On the other hand, many drinks it diluting with water for home remedies. From treating dandruff to weight loss, apple cider vinegar has variety usefulness.

But here we’ll discuss about some of apple cider vinegar’s health benefits. Let’s dig in.

1. The main and attractive benefits of ACV is, it contributes to reduce weight and belly fat. Several studies suggest, limited calorie intake and regular ACV drinking helps to reduce excess weight.

2. Unfiltered ACV can lower blood sugar level. By the nature of this acidic liquid, it works to regulate healthy blood level. For that drinking ACV regularly can also prevent showing type-2 diabetes.

3. ACV can lower the bad cholesterol (LSD) and increase the good cholesterol (HDL). That helps to maintain healthy heart and cardiovascular system.

4. one must need to know that; proper digestion indicates the acid level in stomach. If there’s not enough acid to digest foods, it shows symptoms like pain and other. Apple cider vinegar works to keep healthy pH balance in stomach, which helps for proper digestion and function.

5. ACV can kill pathogens including bacteria like E.coli. Presence of Acetic acid helps to prevent and strop bad bacteria from spreading in human system. That’s why this vinegar been used for disinfecting, fungus, lice, warts etc.

6. Do you know; ACV can slow the aging process! This wonderful ingredient can prevent premature ageing. Because it has very powerful antioxidant abilities. The pH balance plays an important role in keeping skins healthy and moisturized.