Why Almond Oil is getting popular?

Fawzia Farhat Anika, Staff Correspondent, Lifestyle
Almond Oil

Almond Oil

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In recent years sell of almond oil has increased surprisingly.

Various nutritional benefits of sweet almond oil makes it one of the most leading oil among all other varieties. With different health and medicinal benefits, almond oil makes it as a cosmetic product too.

Vitamin E of sweet and refined almond oil works as antioxidant and unsaturated fatty acids helps to promote heart health. Besides that this oil elevates good cholesterol and keeps heart healthy. Not to mention, almond oil works wonders on skin care too. The main fatty acids of almond oil are oleic acid and linoleic acid, which contributes to lower the bad cholesterol in blood.

There’s no surprise why almond is getting popular day by day. However let’s have an overview of almond oils main health and skin benefits.

Helps to protect Heart Health

As mentioned before, monounsaturated fats of almond oil lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and elevate good cholesterol (HDL). And monounsaturated fatty acids also lower blood pressure level. Increasing in good cholesterol and maintaining blood pressure, almond oil works to secure heart health.


May helps to Reduce Weight

Monounsaturated fat may help to reduce extra weight and improve lipid profiles in obese individuals. But almond oil doesn’t contain fiber like nut almond. So only relying onto almond oil may not be beneficial. Hence in order to control weight and lose extra pounds need to maintain healthy diet habit.

Improve Digestive Health

To boost digestive health, almond oil will be the one to use. Studies suggest sweet almond oil could treat sudden irritation of digestive system. The oil could also improve bowel movement and reduce any irritation according to that. Most importantly, almond oil promotes beneficial human gut bacteria.


Can be beneficial for Diabetes

A study shows participants who had almond oil hat lower blood sugar level after meal and through the day. Also almond oil keeps postprandial blood glucose in low level.

Beneficial for good Skin Care

This oil has rejuvenated power to improve skin and complexion. In addition, almond oil helps to reduce acne problem by eliminating acne causing bacteria. Mainly vitamin E works as anti-inflammatory agent and helps to reduce inflammation. Also many studies suggest almond oil could ease the symptoms of eczema.