Is Vitamin B12 important for your health?

Fawzia Farhat Anika, Staff Correspondent, Lifestyle
Vitamin b12 rich foods.

Vitamin b12 rich foods.

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Sometimes we feel very lethargic or lazy.

A simple job seems quite hard to do. If it’s happening with you right now, it’s time to know that- probably you are in need of sufficient amount of vitamin b12 in your everyday diet.

Vitamins are the nutrients that keep our health well and our organs active. Whenever there’s lacking in vitamin, brain fall short in working properly. This happens especially in case of vitamin b12 deficiency.

Most of the time we forget to take proper and healthy meal and end up lacking in vitamins. Vitamin rich and natural foods bring healthy life. Hence it is undoubtedly very important to focus on healthy food habit.

But in this feature why we are focusing only on vitamin b12? There’s different other types of vitamins, but b12 has some especial health benefits of its own. Here’s some that you’ll need and get from vitamin b12.

Generates energy

Vitamin b12 is a very excellent source of providing energy. That way it takes away all the lethargies from your body. This vitamin provides the right amount of energy boost that helps to get all the work done very nicely.

Helpful for heart health

Our cardiovascular system needs vitamin b12 for proper functioning. Vitamin b 12 works to remove harmful protein homocysteine from our bloodstream. This harmful compound causes damage in arteries and inflammation.

Good for bone health

Sufficient intake of vitamin b12 can be helpful for osteoporosis patients and can protect bone health. Especially vitamin b12 helps in absorption of calcium in order to strengthen bone health.

Prevent nerve damage

This important vitamin works as a safeguard for keeping away any nerve damage from toxins, free and harmful radicals in bloodstream.  

Helpful to keep depression away

Vitamin b12 helps in the production of a hormone or chemical named serotonin. This hormone works to regulate our mood. Depression occurs when we face vitamin b12 deficiency. Perfect amount of vitamin b12 helps to sad, irritated and frustration away.

From chicken, beef, liver, oily fish, salmon, yogurt, cheese and eggs we can get rich amount of vitamin b12. If we can focus on our food habit, we can stay healthy in both physically and mentally.