Tough measures to be taken to recover lost canals

Senior Correspondent,


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Dhaka, ( Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) Mayor Md. Atiqul Islam told today that most of the canals and water bodies of the capital have been occupied and are earth filled up by the illegal occupants creating serious water logging particularly in the rainy season. Mayor said that we will not further look at any body who will give allotment or who will not give rather we will go tough to recover the lost canals(khals).

Mayor Atiq while inaugurating the cleanliness drive at the premises of East West University on Tuesday (April 9) told these to the journalists. Local MP AKM Rahmutullah, Trustee of the University Dr. Md. Farashuddin were present at that time among others.

Before taking the responsibility of mayor, DNCC Mayor said about the sufferings of the citizens caused by water logging. Our canals(khals) and water bodies have been illegally occupied and were made earth filled. In many places people are living constructing residences and shopping centers for the last 30 or 20 years. But these canals(khals) must be recovered at any cost.

He said that water logging is now a burning issue. People are suffering. I am going to face the rainy season for the first time as mayor. The Sangbadik khal, Ramchandrapur khal of Mirpur area must be recovered. The waste management and engineering departments of DNCC have been sent there to submit a report after making an on the spot visit. I will take necessary measures within two or three days. Who is the owner of this khal or who will give fund this is not my headache now. My only headache is people suffer and we must get rid of that.

Mayor is unhappy with the cleanliness activities of his organization. I have seen that the wastes of the drain are being kept by the side of the drain after cleaning it. The situation is such that when there will be rain it will go again inside it making it choked. I have warned the wastes management department that I do not like it, the Mayor said.