Bhutan PM visits old Alma Mater MMC

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Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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Mymenshing,( The visiting Bhutanese Prime Minister (PM) Dr. Lotay Tshering got himself admitted in Mymenshing Medical College (MMC) in 1991 to become a physician. After studying here at MMC for eight years he was graduated as an MBBS doctor.

Next he went to Dhaka to complete his post graduation in Surgery from Sir Salimullah Medical College and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) and accordingly he obtained that. He returned to Bhutan after completing his studies.  

Many years have passed on. Now he has again come back to his old Alma Mater at the call of his old friends and class mates to MMC. This time not as an old student only but as the PM of Bhutan.

 He passed many an hours with his old friends and attended a reception organized in his honor at the college auditorium. In his address to the present students he advised them to be a good soul before becoming a good doctor.

In his long speech he reminisced many past incidents while a student of MMC. He also reminded an incident that in one night he fell very sick which due to inflammatory appendices that had to be operated upon. However in that incident before surgical intervention the resident physician treated him without giving any seriousness to the problem that resulted him much sufferings.

Pointing to the incident Dr. Tshering asked the student doctors to attend all patients with utmost sincerity and seriousness. The visiting Bhutanese PM told all these on the first day of Bengali new year (April 14). 

When Dr. Lotay Tshering became PM, his friends of MMC invited him to come here again to the old Alma Mater. He could not dishonor his friends and accordingly has come here. After arriving in the MMC campus he reminded that at the call of friends he has come to search his roots.

He also memorized the festivity while at Mymenshing in welcoming the Pahela Baishakh observance and for that reason he has selected the same day to reminisce the old days.

After he arrived here the students received him with flower bouquet while the principal of MMC Dr. Anowar Hossain greeted him with a crest.

At that time the Foreign Minister of Bhutan Dr. Tandi Dorji, another old student of MMC was also sitting with him. Pointing his finger to Dr. Tandi, Dr Lotay expressed his gratefulness to him who has immense contribution in making him the PM ofBhutan.

Dr. Lotay Tshering also told the present students that about the style of his learning of medical course. He used to discuss the subject with his fellow classmates and gave revision of his learning twice and thus prepared his study.

He told that practically through discussion of subject matters the learning become easy, conception becomes clear remain in memory for long time. Earlier Dr. Lotay Tshering reached Mymenshing as a state guest by a helicopter along with his entourage.