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Sheikh Hasina consoles the capital market investors


Senior Correspondent, | 1 May 2019, 07:02AM

Sheikh Hasina consoles the capital market investors
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Dhaka: Finance Minister’s comment that the ‘share market is now beyond control’ made the investors disheartened but the leader of the house Sheikh Hasina assured them not to be disheartened. She told them that in the past many incidents happened. I have taken many measures to keep the market stable. So there is nothing to be worried about the share market.

On Tuesday night(April30) in her wind up speech in the second closing session of the eleventh Jatiyo Sangsad the Prime Minister told this.

Regarding the investors she told,”those who are going to invest they must know that there are both profit and loss in the share market. So when you make profit then you are happy but when you incur loss, the government is responsible- this is not right. We are doing everything on behalf of the government for well management. We don’t like sudden rise or sudden fall. If any body wants to play game with this market they will be dealt with accordingly,” she said.

She said that, this is one kind of gambling. Those who will invest they must be aware of the fact of that which company is good or which one is bad. If you go for keeping your bet on a lame horse then you are sure to lose the race. A few days back we held a meeting in this JS building where the Bangladesh Bank governor, Finance Minister and Finance secretary were present. We had lot of discussion to keep the market stable and steady.

The leader of the House said that once Bangladesh was known to the world as a nation of murderers. The country was undermined by all. The people who came to power by violating the constitution they never wanted to develop the country rather wanted to plunder its wealth for their own. They wanted that the country remain poor, remain deficit in food, the socio –economic condition does not improve. This was their policy. They brought huge aid and food help showing the hunger and poverty stricken people of this country.

She said that, “when we could not come to power in 2001, the militancy was born, Bangla Bhai came on the scene who killed many people. Our leaders and workers in numbers were imprisoned and harassed by filing false cases against them. There were unbounded plundering of wealth. Thousands of crores of money were laundered out making the country champion in corruption for five times.”

She said that, “next we came to power in 2008 and still in power till now. During this period we have made the country self -sufficient in food. We have made overall development of the country and we have made the rural economy stronger than any time.”

She said that, “there is a problem of river erosion which is causing hundreds of people homeless and they are also losing cultivable land. She asked the MPs to go to their areas and find out the people who lost their homesteads due to river erosion. This time I will spend all the money to rehabilitate them.”

Regarding the recent incident of offering ‘Sarbat’ to WASA MD, she advised the house owner to clean his own water tank where the wastes have been deposited.

Regarding the jersey incident of Bangladesh cricket team she said, “the green is the color of our national flag which our jersey represents. However, the design, color is fixed by the ICC. In the old jersey Bangladesh was written on the redstripe, but this time the ICC deleted the red replacing it by white. So the color of jersey has become close to Pakistani jersey. This is not proper.”

She welcomed the BNP MPs who joined the parliament. We give thanks to the opposition members and expect that they will play constructive role in coming days so that the people can keep their confidence on this parliament and help the continuity of democracy.