Law enforcers are on high alert in Bangladesh

Shahrear Hassan, staff correspondent,
Photo: Symbolic

Photo: Symbolic

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After the terrifying incident in Sri Lanka the law enforcing agencies in Bangladesh are kept on high alert. The police are taking information about the long time missing persons as part of suppressing the militants and terrorists. Simultaneously they are also collecting the updated information of the tenants and house owners.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Md. Asaduzzaman Mia has recently sent such directives to all concerned police of the city. In the directives the Officer in Charge of each metropolitan police station has been directed to hold courtyard meetings and community policing meetings in order to enhance the public awareness about militancy and terrorism.

According to police sources, it is learnt that the order of the DMP Commissioner contained the fact that in such terrorist activities like in Sri Lanka not only the local elements are involved but there are also proof of foreign elements involvement. In this situation to subdue such elements only the law enforcers are not enough but it requires the participation of the people to get good results.

In the order, it is also told that the 302 beets of DMP should be made active and shall hold continuous courtyard meetings and also community policing meetings.

On the other hand field level police has also been directed to collect the information about sudden missing youths and collecting information about the house owners and tenants.

However, earlier Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina called upon the families to be more responsible about the missing youths and accordingly to inform the law enforcers.

Additional Police Commissioner of DMP(Crime) Abdul Baten told that the common people can play a big role in suppressing the terrorists and militants. As part of this, week long people contact campaign is going on. We are expecting good results by doing this.

In view of Sri Lanka incident in Bangladesh the police vigilance has been increased. The number of CCTV has been increased in many areas, the prayer centers of the different religions, visible policing and intelligence vigilance have been strengthened.