Rain on Sunday to give some relief

Shadrul Abedin, Newsroom Editor, Barta24.com, Dhaka
Photo: Barta24.com

Photo: Barta24.com

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Due to the impact of Fani there was country wide rain fall including the capital city after a continuous heat wave for two weeks that paralyzed the whole country. The temperature also came down slightly. But after Fani the whole country it appears is burning by the prickly sun stroke. The worst sufferers are those who are fasting during the month of Ramadan. The farmers also cannot work in the field due to such heat. So all are waiting when there will be raining.

The Meteorological department is giving some hope that there will be raining either on Sunday(May 12) or Monday (May 13). The Weather men said that It will rain or rain with thunder shower in the whole country. This may reduce the heat level.

On Friday (May 10) though there was heat in the capital city but some cloud peeped with increase of day time. There was wind blowing at a speed of 10-12 kilometers. Though this wind has been blowing for the last two days it could not reduce the temperature.

Weather expert Nazmul Haque told Barta24.com that there are ninety percent possibilities of rain fall around the whole country on Sunday night or Monday morning. This will give some respite to the people reducing the temperature.

He further informed that this rain may continue for five days. But after that the mercury will again go upward. As it is summer time the whole season will be under heat wave either mild or strong.

Weather office,
Weather office, photo: Barta24.com

According to weather forecasts of Friday there will be temporary gusty wind, stormy wind and rain with thunder shower in some places of Rajshahi, Mymenshing and Sylhet divisions. In other places of the country the sky will be partially cloudy and dry. The temperature of day and night would remain unchanged.

The mild and medium heat wave that is now running in Noakhali, Dinajpur region and also in Dhaka and Khulna divisions will continue.

On Friday the highest temperature was recorded in Rajshahi as 39.5 degree Celsius and the lowest recorded at Tetulia as 23.3 degree Celsius. In the capital it was highest 36.2 degree Celsius and the lowest 28.2 degree Celsius.