High Court orders to withdraw adulterated consumer goods

Special Correspondent, Barta24.com, Dhaka
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The High Court ordered the concerned authorities to withdraw 52 types of essential consumer food goods from the market within ten days as those are inferior and adulterated. The High Court also directed to destroy those goods so that the goods cannot go to any third party.

The Court has also directed to take actions against those who are involved with sale and supplying of these adulterated food goods. The directives were given to the Safe Food Authority (SFA) and National Consumer Rights’ Preservation Authority (NCRPA).


On Sunday (May11) the High Court bench of Justice Shaikh Hassan Arif and Justice Razik Al Jalil passed this order.

Advocate Shihabuddin Khan made the hearing in favor of the writ petition while hearing on behalf of the state was done by Deputy Attorney General Mokhlesur Rahman. The hearing on behalf of SFA was done by Advocate Faridul Islam. 

Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institution (BSTI) recently examined the samples of 406 food goods of 27 varieties. Of those samples the results of 313 goods have been published. The results showed that there 52 types of inferior and adulterated food goods produced by various companies are being sold in the market. Earlier the BSTI disclosed the results in a press conference held in the Ministry of Commerce.


The adulterated food items are as follows:- 1) Mustard oil of Teer brand; mustard oil of GB brand; mustard oil of Pushti brand; mustard oil of Rupchanda; Chips of Sun brand; Drinking water of Ara brand; Drinking water of Al Safi; Drinking water of Mizan brand; Drinking water of Morn dew; Natural mineral water of Duncan; Drinking water of RR Dew; Drinking water of Dighi; Lachcha semai of Pran; Noodles of Doodly; Soft drink powder  of Tasty Tani Taskia; Pryia sift drink powder; Turmeric powder of Danish; Turmeric powder of Pran; Turmeric powder of Frsh; Dust of Coriander seed of ACI pure brand; Curry powder of Pran; Curry powder of Danish brand; Ghee of Banalata brand; Pure spice dust of Hathazari; Lachcha semai of Mistimela; Lachcha semai; Lachcha semai of Mithai; Lachcha semai of Well food; Iodine salt of Molla Salt; Flour of King brand; Curd of Rupsha brand; Chanachur of Makhka brand; Biscuit of Mehedi brand; Special ghee of Baghabari; Suji of Nishita Food; Lachcha semai of Madhujul; Turmeric powder of Manzil food; Iodine salt of Madhumati brand; Turmeric powder of Sun brand; Honey of Green lane; Lachcha semai of Kiron; Spice dust of Dolphin brand; turmeric powder of Dolphin; Spice dust of Surjya brand; Lachcha semai of Jedda brand; Lachcha semai of Amirita; Iodine salt of dad Super; Iodine salt of Teen Teer; Iodine salt of Madina Starship; Iodine salt of Taj brand and 52) Iodine salt of Noor Special.