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Weak application of law is responsible for increasing woman and child repression


Senior Correspondent, | 22 May 2019, 04:55PM

Weak application of law is responsible for increasing woman and child repression
Barrister Turin Afroz/

Woman and child repression has become a social disease. In every moment the woman and child is being the victim of both mental and physical repression. Very few incidents are coming to light. Most such incidents are being hushed up for public shame.

There is a law to prevent this repression. But how many offenders are getting punishment by that law. In most cases the plaintiff losses patience in running the case. What the law of women repression contains and why this cannot be prevented. In an exclusive interview with Barta at Barta24 office Barrister Turin Afroz, a prosecutor of International Crimes Tribunal told elaborately about the crux of the problem.

She opined on Monday(May20) that there is no proper application of law for which the offenders are going scot free time and again.

The detailed discussion is given below for the readers:-

Barta Every moment the oppression on Women and children is increasing. What is the reason behind it?

Turin Afroz: Repression on women and children and raping always existed and still going unabated. But there was no publicity at that time because there was no media. But the situation has changed due to the presence of media. Earlier the guardians of society advised the victims to hush up such incidents to keep clean image of the victims. But now the women have become very protesting and are not ready to go any such incidents unpunished. They are protesting so we come to know. Is their any lacking in law of the country?

Turin Afroz: We have enough law but the application of law is very poor. So toughness is not coming to any benefit. Take the case of a rape incident. The rape case generally begins with loopholes from the very beginning of case controlling authority as a result the offenders remain unpunished. So by making law tougher is an useless exercise. In India the highest punishment for a rapist is life long imprisonment while in our country is death sentence. So there is no weakness in our existing law. How many incidents of women and children repression is coming to courts for trial?

Turin Afroz: In such cases it is very difficult to get witness. This is not such incident that there was a bombing when many people saw it. This happened privately. These incidents are happening every where in public place, in offices, in educational institutions. But none wants to be a witness. There is some limitations in the availability of witness. So the punishment of the offenders cannot be ensured. What is in the law when a woman is oppressed in the work place?

Turin Afroz: There is a clear directive of the High Court that there must a watch dog committee in every work place. The victim would inform the committee in writing then the committee will make investigation and would place their findings to the authority concerned. On one side the application of law must be ensured and on other side a system should be developed. The social and mental values must be changed. We should change our idea that women means a subject of enjoyment and child means a weaker class. So we will go unpunished if we do repression on them. What is the way to prevent women and child repression?

Turin Afroz: We must build up a fort of resistance. We should also change our mentality to blame the victim women for the commission of offence. This mentality encourages enhancement of these crimes. The social values must be upheld. Why such incidents are recurring in Madrashas?

Turin Afroz: It is not happening in Madrasha only it is also in the highest seat of learning. The University teachers are also engaged in such mischievous activities. It is happening not in Bangladesh only but also in developed world. After 20-25 years some one is accusing some body for sexual harassment. Where the repressed woman will get legal assistance?                   

Turin Afroz: The victim must go to her nearest police station and file written complaint. Then she must be aware of the fact that the ‘alamat’ is not destroyed because in such cases ‘alamat’ is very important to prove the case in the court. Why the offenders are not getting punishment?

Turin Afroz: There is enough scope of corruption. There are already corrupt people amongst us. In such cases the political power and muscle power play a role. There is a vicious circle to give protection to such offenders. Against so many odds in most cases the weak oppressed cannot continue battle ultimately gives in losing the legal battle. So we must make our voice louder against the offenders. Many thanks to you for giving us so much time.

Turin Afroz: Thanks to you also.