Road is in ever best condition

Road is in ever best condition

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Dhaka, (  Road transport & Bridges Minister and General Secretary of Bangladesh Awami League Obaidul Kader commented that the present conditions of roads in the country is best in the history of Bangladesh.

He told this on Sunday noon(May26) in a meeting on Eid preparations held at the Main office of  Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation(BRTC) Motijheel.

The Minister said that due to good condition of roads the Eid goers will feel comfort this year and also the journey will be safe. However the road condition from Tongi to Gazipur is still to be improved but work is going on there to make it up to the mark before Eid celebration. There is instruction to keep the work stop, he added.

He said, “I hope there will be nothing unpleasant if the drivers obey the rules and systems, no competition or if there is no head on collision. The Minister further said that after the inauguration of two new bridges it is not expected to take not more than four hours from Dhaka to Chattogram.

He said that if every one follows the discipline then there might no be jam in the road. 

The Minister informed that within next July 600 new buses will be added to BRTC pool. Now there are 1089 buses of BRTC. Before Eid 200 new buses will arrive to serve the passengers.  !50 buses already are on service now.

We don’t like to see BRTC as a losing concern. If it becomes pauper then you will be also pauper pointing to BRTC officers. We want to see it as a profitable concern.

He instructed the BRTC men to keep the buses neat and clean. 

Many organizations have applied for BRTC buses, their demand will be considered observing due formalities. It will be finally decided by the Prime Minister.

He instructed the BRTC authority to stop the practice of the leasing out the buses because those are used in individual interest. It creates hazards on the roads. So the Minister discouraged the practice of leasing out like past years.

Chairman of BRTC Farid Ahmed Bhuiyan was present in the meeting among others.

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