Various organizations are against Rohiynga repatriation

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, photo: Focus Bangla

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, photo: Focus Bangla

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has commented that different organizations do not want that the Rohiyngas driven out from Myanmarshould go back to their homeland. India, China, Japan and other countries want that the Rohyingas be repatriated but the organizations have come there as volunteers do not want the same for some obvious reasons which is known to all.

On Sunday(June 9) afternoon in a press conference held at Ganobhavan on her Japan, Saudi Arabia and Finland visit Sheikh Hasina made this comment. The press conference was held after her visit to three countries. The fleeing of the Rohiyngas to save their lives being forced by the Myanmar’s government as they were termed foreigners rather as Bangladeshis will be two years here in Bangladesh in the coming October. About 10 lakh Rohiyngas have created enormous pressure on Bangladesh government in terms of money and also destroying ecological balance. Meanwhile several bilateral meetings, multilateral meetings were held regarding their repatriation but could not yield any result.

When she was asked that whether the government is thinking about any new plan to send the Rohiyngas back to their country Sheikh Hasina said that there is no initiative of Myanmar to take them back. The Prime Minister said that our core principle of our foreign policy is friendship towards all. We talked separately with India, China and Japan.

They all opined that the Myanmar’s citizens must go back to their country. But now it seems that the problem lies with the organizations who are working here as volunteers. These organizations do not want that the Rohiyngas should go back to their homeland. We penned agreement with Myanmar but suddenly showing disinterest in the name of safety in Myanmanr. Who are working against this agreement?

Prime Minister said that my government thinks that it is the various organizations who are working here do no want the peaceful return of these refugees which might hamper their interest. Actually Myanmar does not also want to take them back. Again the Rohiyngas are also reluctant that they might be victims of attack and torture again.

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