USA will help repatriation of the Rohyingas

Special Correspondent,
USA has agreed to create pressure on Myanmar to take back the Rohyingas to their own country, Photo: collected

USA has agreed to create pressure on Myanmar to take back the Rohyingas to their own country, Photo: collected

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USA has agreed to create pressure on Myanmar to take back the Rohyingas to their own country. Not only that USA will also work with Bangladesh in various forums of the UN.

In a joint communiqué issued on Monday (June 10) after the 7th participatory dialogue between Bangladesh and USA the two countries agreed.

This meeting was held chaired by Bangladesh Foreign Secretary Md. Shahidul Haque and USA political affairs Foreign Secretary David Hale.  

In the joint statement USA has appreciated the humane attitude of Bangladesh for giving shelter to lakhs of Rohiyangas evicted from their own country.

In the joint statement both the countries stressed on creating pressure on Myanmar to realize the cause of the crisis. It was also agreed in the joint statement that Myanmar would be made agreed to accept the condition so that the scared Rohiyngas return to their own country voluntarily, safely and with dignity.   

Both the governments expressed their firm determination to reconsider their pledges on security, development, human assistance and disaster, relief and work against terrorism. Both the governments have agreed to work closely for a free, fair and peacefully proceed with safe outlook in the India-Pacific region.  

Both the countries have agreed to observe the human rights obligations for working against the on going security cooperation to face the terrorism. The USAhas requested Bangladesh to discuss the matter of preserving the military information between the two countries. Bangladesh has expressed its eagerness to continue the dialogue. Both the governments have agreed to ensure cyber security problem and exchange mutual cooperation for continuing to find out the technological and training of the concerned countries.     

In the statement it was expressed that the USA is pledge bound to preserve the interest of the USA in the Bay of Bengal, in tackling piracy in the Bay and to increase the regional coordination. The USA would provide more security cooperation to Bangladesh to help maintain in this region. The USA gives special recognition to the lead role of Bangladesh for their contribution in global peace campaigns.