The situation in view of dengue is not alarming- Mayor Khokon

Staff Correspondent,
Mayor Sayed Khokon in a meeting at secretariat/ Photo:

Mayor Sayed Khokon in a meeting at secretariat/ Photo:

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Dhaka: Mayor of Dhaka South City Corporation(DSCC) Sayed Khokon told that the situation has not become so much alarming in view of dengue fever this year.

On Sunday (July 7) in the meeting room of the secretariat of Local Government division said this while reviewing the mosquito killing activities in the South city area.

Sayed Khokon said that, ‘Rainy season has started, analyzing the picture of past few years the dengue out break situation this year appears to be more menacing. On behalf of the city corporation we have started extra program beyond the routine program. He said that the awareness program along with the program of the organization is very much effective. To create awareness among the people the Imams of mosques have been giving ‘Khutbas’ after Juma prayer and letters have been sent to the educational institutions.’

Mayor said that we are taking measures to ensure the duty of the spray men. I am telling with responsibility that situation is still under our control.  

He said that 450 mobile medical teams will stay in wards from next July 15. It will be widely publicized that in the concerned area if anybody is infected by dengue, or being caught by fever or cough then they will be provided with medicine and health service free of cost.    

If the doctors think to shift the patient to the hospital then they will admitted to Mahanagar general hospital or any other hospital the patient choose. The DSCC will bear all the cost of their treatment. If any patient cannot go to the hospital then if they give us phone on hotline we will arrange treatment at his own residence. 

Mayor said that 98 to 99 percent dengue is classical dengue. It is cured after seven to ten days fever without creating any complexities. It does not harm, Mayor said.

Mayor informed that so far from January about 2100 people were attacked with dengue across the country. Of them 1875 returned to their houses after becoming cured. 300 people with dengue are now under treatment. Only two died.