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Still there is apprehension of raw hide smuggling!


Mahfuzul Islam, Senior Correspondent,, Dhaka | 11 August 2019, 05:42PM

Still there is apprehension of raw hide smuggling!

The leather syndicate is becoming active with the approach of slaughtering of sacrificial moments(Qurbani) coinciding the Eid ul Azha on Monday(August 12), the second greatest religious festival of the Muslims of the world. The leather businesses are apprehending smuggling of leather though there is sufficient deposit of salt and a loan of Taka 600 crore by the banks. 

They alleged that the syndicate cliques with a huge amount of money are taking preparation of purchasing raw hide at a lower price. They are trying to smuggle these out to India. The middlemen and the retailers said that as the price in International market is low so the tannery businessmen will not purchase excess hide than their own purpose.

According to Commerce Ministry sources, despite the objection of the hide traders the rate of the hides was not lowered. Rather, the deposite of salt has been made more than the necessary. This year the rate of hide of cow and buffalo per square feet in the capital has been fixed at Taka 45 to Taka 50 while outside Dhaka it has been fixed at Taka 35 to Taka 40.

The rate of goat has been fixed at Taka 18 to Taka 20 while of ‘Bokri’ is Taka 13 to Taka 15. Similarly the rate of lamb has been fixed.    

When contacted the Chairman of Bangladesh Hide and Skin Merchant Association Haji Md. Delwar Hossain told that, ‘In world market the price of hide is very low. So we do not feel encouraged to export.

He said so we are not interested to purchase hide. That may cause smuggling to India where the market is very big. Moreover the demand of Bangladeshi hide is very high. However if this happens again this year then the leather industry will be affected very much.’  

General Secretary of Bangladesh Tanners Association Malik Shakhawatullah said that as the price of hide in the International market is low so we requested the Commerce Ministry to lower the price of hide this year. But they did not listen to us. However if the hides are properly processed for preservation then ultimately its price will rise. So there will be not any apprehension of smuggling. END