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Dream liner Rajhansha arrival delayed due to fault in Radar


Staff Correspondent, | 11 September 2019, 05:15PM

Dream liner Rajhansha arrival delayed due to fault in Radar
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The fourth Boeing 787 dream liner Rajhansha was supposed to arrive on Thursday (Sept.12). But as fault was detected in the radar of the aircraft so it will now arrive on Saturday (sept.14). 

The aircraft fitted with the modern technology was supposed to leave Seattle on Wednesday (Sept.11). But before giving delivery each aircraft is being tested finally. Then some faults were detected in the radar system of Rajhansha. 

An aircraft cannot be piloted without radar. It is learnt from the concerned sources that the faults were detected not only in Rajhansha but in more ten aircrafts. The engineers are working to repair the faults. Deputy General Manager (PR) of Biman Tahera Khondoker informed that the Boeing Company has sought 48 hours time to give delivery of the dream liner.

It is learnt from Biman sources that the new time schedule has been fixed on Saturday.       

Biman Bangladesh Airlines signed a contract with the US aircraft manufacturer Boeing Company in 2008 to purchase 10 new passenger aircrafts.  Meanwhile four Boeings 777-300 ER, 2 Boeing 737-800, 3 Boeing 787-8 dream liners had already joined the Biman’s fleet. The 4th and the last aircraft ‘Rajhansha’ is arriving on Thursday. Through joining of the last one, the contract of taking supply of ten aircrafts will be completed. 

All the four dream liners of Biman were named by the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. These are Akash Bina, Hansha Balaka, Gangchil and Rajhnasha. Earlier another four Boeing aircrafts were also named by the Prime Minister, Palki, Arun Alo, Akash Pradip, Ranga Pravat, Meghdoot and Mayur Pankhi. Of them two are 777-300 and two are 737-800.  

It is learnt that this dream liner can fly for sixteen hours at a stretch and burns 20 percent less fuel than normal aircraft. The number of seats in the dream liner Rajhansha is 271. The number of Business class seats is 24 while the rest 247 are of Economy class. The Business class seats are set with the reclined facility of 180 degree and the passengers can travel on flat bed comfortably if desire. In the aircraft the passengers will have the modern facilities of internet and phone call system.