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Photo: Barta24.com

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Every one, right from the Prime Minister to Higher courts is in agony over adulteration issue of consumer goods. 52 types of consumer goods have been included in this adulteration list as prepared by Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institutions (BSTI). BSTI of the government has prepared the list after testing those in its laboratory. But surprisingly the black listed goods are still being sold in the markets freely without any hindrance.

It is to be mentioned here that there is no headache at the retailer and purchaser levels. It will take time to reach the message of this adulterated food goods.

Even there is no awareness campaign among the masses. Because the media which could create awareness they are keeping their mouth shut. Because the producers of these adulterated food goods are patronizing them through giving ads to these media outlets.  

These media outlets generally give coverage about the drives carried against these goods by the government agencies either in a very poor way or hushes the whole news so that the producing companies are not offended. Both the print and electronic media are following  same style. Indirectly these media are giving a ’clean cheat’ to these offenders. They are crating a sort of misunderstanding among the consumers.

On several issues some print media are found very much interested to play the role of  distributing ‘knowledge’ but they are also silent over this important burning issue. They are making no loud or high sound on this issue.

This is earnest appeal to the concerned authorities that while carrying small drives you also carry drives to the factories of these adulterated food goods. Their activities must be stopped by hitting the source.