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Golam Rabbani, Photo: Barta24

Golam Rabbani, Photo: Barta24

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The newly elected general secretary (GS) of Dhaka University Central Students’ Union (DUCSU) Golam Rabbani said that I am a licensed leader of the students and I will work for them for their welfare during my tenure.

On March 11 poll Golam Rabbani was elected after a prolong 28 years as no poll was held during this long time. In an exclusive interview with Barta24 he discussed about his detailed plan and programs for the welfare of the students.

Golam Rabbani told that I have been given legal mandate by the students to work for them so I will carry on my duty and responsibilities with utmost sincerity. I am committed to remain by their side in case of necessity and any urgency for the cause of the students.

Regarding his feelings being elected as GS, Golam Rabbani told that we were waiting for long time to get true DUCSU and we got it as if we have got an oasis after long trail in the heated desert. We want to build DUCSU as the platform for upholding the legal rights of the students.

He said that so long I was a leader of Bangladesh Chattra League (BCL) but henceforth I am leader and brother of all students. My door is opened to all students. We will place the problems of the students in the senate. He further said that they will work according to the election manifesto on priority basis.

Meanwhile we solved two problems of the students of Rokeya hall and the accommodation problems of BIjoy Ekattor hall. Elaborating the solved problems, he said that before our installation ceremony, we arranged the entry of the mothers of the residential students on Friday and Saturday, to keep the lift open to them and keep the main gate of the hall till 10 P.M.

Regarding polling day incident in Rokeya hall, Rabbani told that some bad elements were trying to create chaos and confusion and accordingly they staged a drama but it failed as those were rejected by the mass students.

He said that JCD leader Anisur Rahman Khondoker Anik, Progotishil Chattra Oikya leader Liton Nandi and Nurul Nuru claimed that there are crossed ballot papers in the ballot boxes which were locked in a room of the hall. Accordingly the provost and the University administration opened the room and showed only sealed ballot papers in the steel box. So their attempt to stage the drama of vote rigging failed.

Next Noor and Anik fled away while Noor staged another drama as if he became unconscious.

Golam Rabbani claimed that in the DUCSU election there was false propaganda of vote rigging. But after proper verification and investigation all of the propaganda against BCL failed. They tried to create panic among the common students but every one saw that truth has prevailed.