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Awami League to be reorganized from grass root level


Staff Correspondent,B | 20 April 2019, 06:50AM

Awami League to be reorganized from grass root level
PM Sheikh Hasina in the joint meeting of the central working committee and advisory council of AL/ Photo: Focus Bangla

Dhaka: The party chief and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that Awami League will be reorganized from grass root level to infuse more dynamism in the party.

In her introductory speech she said this in the joint meeting of the central working committee and advisory council held on Friday (April19)at the central party office of Bangabandhu avenue.

She said that we have already hold presidium and working committees meeting and also formed eight committees at the divisional level with the members of advisory council and presidium members.

Sheikh Hasina pointed out that the responsibility of the party will be to completely reorganize the party from grass root level in a newer fashion with the object of making it organizationally strong.  

The Prime Minister said that generally it is seen that the ruling party gradually gets lost from the masses or its popularity comes down but by the grace of Almighty Allah we have gained more popularity though we have been running the government for a long time.

She said that, the recently held election demonstrated the fact that the people of all strata of the society have lent their unconditional support to us through ballot which was never seen in the past. Another remarkable feature of the December 30 election was that the new voters have cast their votes maximum, Sheikh Hasina said.

On the other hand BNP-Jamaat alliance has been lost in the people because that is a parasite party formed by the military dictator who did it by capturing power illegally, she said. She further said that the alliance took the election as a business who sold nominations at a high rate for earning money.

She reiterated her determination to build a hunger and poverty free, prosperous and developed Bangladesh.

Sheikh Hasina said that we first came to power in 1996, then in 2008 through a land slide victory and still running the country. The country is now heading towards becoming hunger and poverty free while the rate of poverty has come down to 21 percent from 40 percent, she added.

She said that we have fulfilled the basic needs of the people and we are progressing towards achieving economic prosperity by changing their lot. The touch of development has reached in the rural areas. The economic solvency of the people is increasing rapidly. This was the dream of the Father of the Nation who wanted a hunger and poverty free golden Bangladesh.

In the joint meeting among others advisory council members Amir Hossain Amu, Tofael Ahmed, PM’s political adviser H.T.Imam, presidium members Begum Matia Choudhury, Mohammad Nasim, Engineer Mosharraf Hossain, Dr. Abdur Razzaq and party joint secretary general Mahbubul Alam Hanif were present on the stage.