BNP led 20 party alliance is breaking up!

Staff correspondent, Barta, Dhaka
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Dhaka,( There is apprehension of breaking up the BNP led 20 party alliance which was always a fragile alliance without any common ideological goal. The alliance has reached on the verge of break up on the allegation that the big partner BNP does not take any opinion or suggestion in taking any decision which is usually taken in the name of alliance. However none raised any question so long for the sake of alliance unity but now the time is ripe to leave the alliance one after another.

Some alliance partners alleged that the crisis had begun when BNP set up an alliance with National Oikya Front on election issue without any consultation with the alliance partner. Though meetings were convened at that time but BNP gave importance to OIkya Front partners than the original 20 party alliance partners. This had cornered the alliance partners.

It is learnt that alliance partner and Labor Party chairman Dr. Mostafizur Rahman Iran has given a ultimatum that he wants an explanation from BNP on some points and if he does not get proper reply he would leave the alliance making announcement on May 23. Another partner LDP chairman Col.(Rtd.) Oli Ahmed after returning to country will make announcement of leaving the alliance.

Another alliance partner Jamaat- e -Islami after losing registration has been walking in a blind alley. Some of them who were expelled are speaking of forming a new platform bringing reforms within the party. The rest groups are in dark.

However before the last election on the question of legality National Awami party(NAP) and National Democratic Front(NDF) left the alliance. While on last May Barrister Andalib Rahman Parta led BJP walked on the same way.

BJP alleged that after formation of National OIkya Front the activities of 20 party alliance became stalled. Before or after the election on many occasions only the BNP took part in many important dialogues with the government without the participation of alliance partners.
There is a rumor that more partners are going to leave the alliance on the same grounds. However their leaders are not ready to make direct comments.

Bangladesh Labor Party chairman Dr. Mostafizur Rahman Iran told that we sought explanations from BNP that we all had rejected the results of the election held on December 30 then why BNP members took oath where discussion was necessary. But they did not do that. If they had taken decision of taking oath then why Mirza Fakhrul did not take oath? We wanted to know all these unexplained matters. If we do not get correct explanation by May 23 we will be compelled to leave the alliance. He further said that we have been with the alliance since 2007. We would want to know whether BNP wants the alliance active. Now it is clear that Oikya Front is a part of the government agenda.

Moreover there is an ideological conflict with the Oikya Front. So politics cannot be done in such a half way.

However Chairman of Kalyan Party Major General(Rtd.) Syed Muhammad Ibrahim told that we are still with the alliance and did not leave.

Senior joint secretary general of LDP Shahdat Hossain Selim told that BNP has invited the mishap for giving much importance to Oikya Front. Our party president is now in abroad and after his return we would take decision studying the situation.

He further told that we do not disagree with the allegations of Barrister Andalib Rahman Partha. We think that BNP has although committed mistakes and failed to run the alliance properly. They have gone to Sangsad but they could have taken the decision after convening an alliance meeting. So due to the mistakes of BNP the distance has created which cannot be amended.