Who is going to replace Mirza Fakhrul?

Staff Correspondent, Barta24.com
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Dhaka, (Barta24.com): BNP will radically change as soon as it will be reorganized through ensuing national council to be held sometime after Eid ul Fitr. That process has already started through formation of new district committees across the country. The new leadership will be emerged through this process. Moreover the leaders who failed to show up to the expectation are likely to be dropped. Even the present secretary general along with more a dozen leaders are in the drop list.

In the recent oath taking drama the backbone of the party was broken while Mirza Fakhrul emerged as the ‘hero’ that sounded the death nail of the secretary general. Standing committee member Gayeshawr Chandra Roy has publicly accused Fakhrul and wanted reply of this drama.

Top leader of Oikya Front Bangabir Kader Siddiky also expressed his indignation at the role of Mirza Fakhrul. He has also given ultimatum to desert Oikya Front. The other alliance partners of 20 party alliances also put question to Fakhrul for his role in the oath drama. Meanwhile the long testing friend of BNP led alliance, BJP leader Barrister Andaliv Rahman Partha has already left the alliance on the ground that the big partner BNP had ignored them. More partners are on the pipe line to exit.

There is a strong rumor that Fakhrul is going to be axed. Through the change of the secretary general the reconstruction of the party will begin vigorously, a source in BNP has confirmed it to Barta24.com.

Now the hair combing analysis has begun who will lead the party at this critical time. The new leader will have to face several challenges. Freeing of the party chairperson, directing the central leadership from the grass root levels, to activate the alliance activities, moving ahead by giving importance to Jatiyo  Oikya Front. To make the party activate in the field on the eve of announcing the National Budget by the government is a real challenge. To fill the gap in case Fakhrul quits or dropped then there are several names in the suggestions of the policy makers.

Moreover, there is Haroon in the list as senior joint secretary general. In that case present senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi may be promoted.

In selecting new secretary general some factors are being judged as, the leader must be young, his competency, seniority, output of work, popularity, courage and farsightedness will be considered high. Of the rumored names in case of popularity and farsightedness Amir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury is in the top. However as moneyed and seniority consideration another standing committee member Dr. Khondoker Moosharraf Hossain is also a strong contender for the post.

For his outspoken talks, as an uncompromising leader, courageousness and work output Gayeshawr Chandra Roy is also popular among a section of the party workers. In the list of young leaders the name of vice- chairman Major (Rtd) Hafizudding Ahmed and Shamsuzzaman Dudu are also heard, claimed by the party sources.

It is learnt that the BNP’s national council generally takes place in the month of March but the party chief Khaleda Zia is in jail and the acting chairman Tareque Rahman is in London exile the council is being delayed for indefinite period.

The council may be held after Eid ul Fitr, told a source to Barta24.com. The source said now the reorganization is going from the grass root level and is almost at final stage. Incomplete committees are being made complete and a convener committee where there is no committee. Along this continuity the national council will be convened to form new body.

One leader claimed that the party council is stalled pending the release of the party chief. We are waiting for her. As soon as she comes out the national council will be convened. If she cannot come out at all, then with her approval the party council will be convened.

However though Fakhrul is facing both criticism and favors still there is no alternative to him as claimed by one adviser of the party chairperson Ataur Rahman Dhali.

He told Barta24.com that no one is alone responsible for this disastrous condition of the party. So every body should criticize about his own role. The party secretary general should not be blamed solely. Moreover there is no alternative to Mirza Fakhrul in the party.

After expressing his indignation publicly pro-BNP intellectual DR. Zafrullah Chowdhury told Barta24.com that the BNP leaders have enveloped the power in their pockets. They are not giving council for fear of losing their posts, he said.

He opined in favor of holding urgent national council to overcome this tragic condition of the party through reorganizing party leaderships. He also said that there is no alternative to Mirza Fakhrul to give leadership of the party. He qualified Mirza Fakhrul with many virtues as his(Fakhrul) thoughts, spirit, courtesy and political dealings are unparallel which has no match in the party. He called upon the party activists to tell such persons’ name in the party alternative to Fakhrul.

It is to be mentioned here that the last national council of BNP was held on last March 19, 2013. That was BNP’s sixth national council. However Mirza Fakhrul was given the responsibility of secretary general after a long gap.