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Information Minister wants true opposition party


Staff Correspondent, Barta, Chattogram | 24 June 2019, 07:57AM

Information Minister wants true opposition party
Photo: Barta24

Information Minister and Awami League’s publicity and publication secretary Dr. Hassan Mahmud wanted a true opposition party in politics.

He said that, ‘We want a true opposition party. Because we believe in logical and constructive criticism. We don’t want that some body only criticizes with negative attitude blindly.’

On Sunday (June 23) he told all these in a function held at Chattogram Engineers Institute in connection with the 70th founding anniversary of Bangladesh Awami League. Chattogram city Awami League organized the discussion meeting.

The Information Minister said, ’Every body of the world including the former US president Barack Obama appreciated the upward trend of economic indicator of Bangladesh. Many countries have started following the instances of Bangladesh. But BNP and CPB cannot appreciate the development. BNP must come out of the seal of petrol bomb terrorism. Leaving the democratic movement they are now revolving round freeing of Khaleda Zia, pain in the knee and the cases of Tareque Rahman. I would request them leaving these programs you do politics for the welfare of the people.’

The Publicity secretary of Awami League said that, ’When the politics was in the hands of the bourgeon and communal powers then Awami League was established. Many activists had to suffer imprisonment and sacrifices. Many leaders were killed. Those people who could not accept the country’s liberation they killed Bangabandhu. Had he been alive then Bangladesh would have been the most developed country in South Asia. To keep the continuity every one will have to work under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina to build up the country.’

Regarding the infiltrators in the party Dr. Hassan Mahmud said that, ’Now every one wants to board on the boat. If there is excess passenger then the boat capsizes. As the party is in power for consecutive three times so the number of intruders has become big. They are trying to question the advancement and achievements of the government. To keep the image of the party in tact the intruders must be identified. The activists of the party must be courteous not arrogant in behaving with the people.’

The Information Minister sought the advices and cooperation of all in running the country.

The function was chaired by the acting president of Chattogram city Awami League Mahatabuddin Chowdhury. It was addressed by former Works Minister and presidium member Engineer Mosharraf Hossain MP as the chief guest. Among others the function was also addressed by Land Minister Saifuzzaman Chowdhury Jabed, Deputy Education Minister Barrister Muhibul Hassan Chowdhury Nowfel, City Awami League general secretary and CCC mayor AJM Nasiruddin, vice-president Noimuddin Ahmed and joint secretary Rezaul Haque Chowdhury.