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‘BNP has no right to speak on abduction’


Staff Correspondent, | 31 August 2019, 06:13PM

‘BNP has no right to speak on abduction’

During the rule of BNP thousands of people were abducted, so they have no right to speak on abduction, commented Information Minister Dr. Hassan Mahmud.

He made this comment while addressing a discussion meeting on National Mourning day on Saturday (August 31) held at Tofazzel Hossain Manik Mia hall of National Press Club. Bangladesh Swadhinata Parisahd organized the discussion meeting.

In his address as the chief guest he said that the politics of killing was initiated by Ziaur Rahman and his party BNP. When he was in power many a people of Awami League were either abducted or killed. During the rule of Khaleda Zia from 2001 to 2006 period 21000 people were killed. So they have no right to speak about it.

Information Minister said that BNP was formed by the blood stained hands of Ziaur Rahman. To make his power safe Ziaur Rahman had killed 1600 members of armed forces. Ziaur Rahman with his blood stained hand gave birth to BNP.

Pointing to Mirza Fakhrul Dr. Hassan said that during his incumbency as secretary general of BNP more than thousand people were victims of ‘fire terrorism’. Those who threw petrol bombs they are not responsible rather who directed them, financed them- the BNP leadership were responsible. I think that those incidents should be tried through forming a tribunal.

Among others former Food Minister Advocate Qamrul Islam, former State Minister of Home Shamshul Haque Tuku and Awami Laegue leader Balaram Poddar were present in the meeting.