Mosaddek’s cricket dream is going to be fulfilled

Mosaddek’s cricket dream is going to be fulfilled

Mosaddek Hossain Saikat, Collected Photo

Obaidul Haque, Staff Correspondent,, Mymenshingh

Father Abul Kashem was an employee of Mymenshingh District Sports Association(MDSA) who used to dream that his son will play cricket in big events like World Cup(WC). He is no more alive to see that his son Mosaddek Hossain Saikat will be taking part as the player of Bangladesh team in the WC now being held in England. Abul Kashem could not the see the success story of his son.

Mosaddek is now waiting for his cricket debut in the WC squad. If everything goes alright then this young all rounder Mosaddek is going to be fielded in the first match of Bangladesh against South Africa.

On Saturday(June 1) while visiting his residence at Kachjhuli Golapjan Road his mother narrated the dream story of her late husband who cherished his son play cricket in big events. His loving mother Hosne ara Begum is the Mosaddek’s last resort of his dream fulfillment story.

When asked about her feeling of Mosaddek’s debut in WC she replied that, “ Mosaddek had to endure much labor for this day. But unfortunately his father could not see his son’s success. She expects that Mosaddek will give his all to bring win for Bangladesh in the WC.

Mosaddek's mother Hosne Ara Begum, Photo:


A few days back before WC mission Mosaddek had gone to Mymenshing from Dhaka. He came out by showing regards to his mother. He also asked his mother to pray for him so that he can play good cricket.

Hosne ara Begum told that Mosaddek telephoned from London on Friday and told to pray for them.

The city people of Mymenshing expected that Mosaddek will repeat his same display in the WC win as he had displayed few days back in defeating the Caribbean thereby snatched the tri-nation series cup in Ireland.

One neighbor of Mosaddek, Mahmud said that Mosaddek is playing WC cricket was a matter of great pride for us. Our joy knows no bounds. We hope that he will get chance in every match and would display his talents.


The coach of Mymenshing Cricket Coaching center(MCC) Azharul Islam Khokon also expressed his feelings in the same vein. They are all praying for the whole team in general and for Saikat in particular. The citizens of Mymenshing are dreaming high hopes about the success of Bangladesh Team.

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