Online Eid marketing- buyers’ confidence is growing on e-commerce site

Nazmul Hassan Sagar, Staff Correspondent,, Dhaka
ছবি: সংগৃহীত

ছবি: সংগৃহীত

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With Eid ahead, Ramadan is in its second week of all-out lockdown. As a result, all types of shopping malls are closed during general holidays. Although the markets for medicines and raw materials are open, many people do not want to go and buy the products themselves for fear of Corona infection. But with the month of Ramadan and Eid in mind, it doesn't work without some urgent marketing. E-commerce has raised hopes in such a complex situation in the life of the citizens.

The research shows that many people want to rely on e-commerce sites to do all kinds of shopping in this lockdown situation, considering the health protection. Many are also keeping an eye on online shops and e-commerce sites for Eid shopping.

One such buyer, Ivana Parveen, shared her experience with This housewife from Agargaon area of the capital Dhaka always feels comfortable to buy the necessary products online. She told, "I like to avoid the crowds in a short time and always rely on online for shopping. With a few exceptions, my experience in this field is good. We order almost everything from clothes to household necessities online. In this situation, it has increased even more. This time I am thinking of doing Eid shopping online. Maybe all the shopping malls will open before Eid. However, I have decided to do Eid shopping online thinking about the health protection of children and other family members.

Shahrina Haque Adar, a working woman from the capital Badda, is experienced and accustomed to shopping online. If the shopping malls are not opened during Covid, she will do Eid shopping online this time. In this case, before Eid, you can buy products at attractive discounts on e-commerce sites, she told, "I see the advertisements of the products that come online all the time, I order if I like." It costs less time. Products are also available as per your demand. This time I have decided to do Eid shopping online for myself and my family. With Eid in mind, various sites offer great offers, I would like to take advantage of those offers. It will not cost extra money and there will be no health risk.

Ifad Raihan, a young employee, lives in Dhanmondi No. 15 area. She likes to buy all kinds of clothes of her choice online. She has already ordered her favorite clothes on an online e-commerce site for this year's Eid. She expressed hope that he will get it in time.

Sharifa Khatun Aktari, a housewife from Savar, buys many essential products online. However, noting that her interest in online shopping for Eid shopping is not very high, she said that it is true that e-commerce sites in the country have expanded considerably. However, these are not yet fully ready for full Eid shopping. In an important festival like Eid, if the buyer does not understand the right product at the right time due to the weakness of these institutions, then one has to go through an unpleasant and bad experience which is not desirable at all. There are many examples of our domestic e-commerce sites not delivering products on time. I have made such a decision considering them.

How ready is the e-commerce sector in Bangladesh in the light of various limitations, criticisms and customer demands? To know all this, spoke to Shomi Kaiser, President of E-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (E-CAB). She said, "Using the experience of last year's lockdown, this time our e-commerce sector is much more matured." After overcoming various obstacles in the beginning, this time e-commerce sites have taken various initiatives keeping in mind the convenience of the customers. Many e-commerce sites are delivering daily necessities to any part of Dhaka in a very short time in this lockdown. Moreover, from the 27th of this month, TCB will deliver daily necessities like rice, pulses or oil to the customers at fair prices. Meanwhile, fast delivery arrangements like delivery of medicines, fashion wear or electronics products to the customers within a limited time are also considered.

According to e-commerce sources, in the current Corona situation, shoppers are gradually becoming accustomed to online shopping. Those who have decided to shop at home during the corona period, they shop through e-commerce considering all aspects. Marketing culture has changed a lot due to the situation and people are inclined to shop online.

It is to be noted that according to one estimate, there are about one and a half thousand e-commerce firms in the country now. There are also about one lakh Facebook-based F-Commerce platforms. At least one lakh products are ordered and delivered on these platforms through huge amounts of transactions every day.