China approves patent of its corona vaccine

International Desk,, Dhaka
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China has approved a patent for a vaccine capable of fighting the coronavirus.

A Chinese-made vaccine is a recombinant adenovirus vector-based vaccine developed by the People's Liberation Army Academy of Military Medical Sciences and the Chinese company Cancino Bio.

According to the People's Daily of China, the patent application was submitted on March 16 and was approved on August 11, according to the patent document.

This vaccine, called Ad5-NCOV, uses a weak common cold virus to introduce genetic material from the coronavirus into the human body. The goal is to train the body to make antibodies which fights against the spike protein of coronavirus.

A study published in the Lancet Journal last month found that second-stage clinical trials of the vaccine had shown that it was safe and could increase immunity. More volunteers will be included in the three-stage clinical trial and conducted abroad.

The patent basically protects its owner from his invention. Patents are legal protections that prevent an organization from copying products, processes or applications. His invention may not be commercially created, used, distributed or sold without the permission of the patent owner.

The vector vaccine is safe and capable of eradicating many diseases at once. The vaccine is able to prevent coronavirus proteins and bring the body's immunity home. It has no side effects.

Sinovac has experience of developing drugs against the virus worldwide. Synovac Bio was the first pharmaceutical company to market the swine flu vaccine in 2009.