Washing of Holy Ka’bah done

Mufti Anyetullah, section chief, Islam Desk, Barta24.com
Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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The washing of the Holy Ka’bah has been completed under the leadership of the Governor and Chief Khatib of the city of Makkah. According to the previous announcement and ritual, the Ka’bah was supposed to be washed in the morning, but this time the ritual was broken and the work of washing of the Ka’bah was done after the Esha prayers.

On Thursday (September 3) at 8:30 pm local time (11:30 pm Bangladesh time) the work of washing the Ka’bah began. Prince Khalid al-Faisal, the governor of Mecca, on behalf of the Saudi King Salman performed the washing and cleaning of the Ka’bah.

Shaikh Abdur Rahman As Sudais, Chairman of Haramain Presidency and Chief Khatib of Ka’bah Sharif, Commander of Special Emergency Force and Commander of Hajj Security Force, members of the cabinet and important people of the country also took part in the washing of Ka’bah. At other times, ambassadors from different Muslim countries took part, but this time they were not invited to wash the Ka’bah due to the Corona situation.

On the occasion of washing the Ka’bah, after Maghrib, a special ladder is installed on the Ka’bah. Earlier, as a precaution, the Ka’bah stairs, walls and Ka’bah ghilaf were disinfected with disinfectants. The door of Ka’bah Sharif was opened in the evening. But heavy rains in Makkah later in the evening delayed the washing of the Kaaba. Those who came to wash the Ka’bah performed Esha prayers in the Haram Mosque. At this time they are entertained with the water of the blessed Jamzam.

When the rain stopped, everyone entered the Ka’bah. They wash the interior of the holy Ka’bah with water mixed with roses, high quality fragrant ud and musk with the water of holy Jamzam.

The door was open for two hours while washing the Ka’bah Sharif. At that time, members of the special forces set up a security zone around the Ka’bah Sharif.

After washing the Holy Kaaba, they came out and kissed Hazrat Aswad (black stone). Then they circumambulated the Holy Ka’bah. At the end of the Tawaf, Hazrat Ibrahim had prayed at Makkah.

According to the custom, the Holy Ka’bah is washed every month of Muharram, but on the day of Arafat (9 Zilhaj) the Ka’bah ghilaf is changed. The Saudi government attaches great importance to the washing of the Ka’bah. It is also a festival.

This is because the Qur'an and Hadith encourage the sanctification of the House, its sanctification and purification. In this regard, the Qur'an has said, "And Sanctifies My House for those who circumambulate, those who stand in prayer, and those who bow and prostrate." -Surah Hajj: 26

The initiative to clean the Ka’bah is an ideal of the Prophet. On the day of the conquest of Makkah, he entered the Ka'bah with the Companions and carried out a campaign to purify the Ka'bah externally and fundamentally. He removed the idols in the Ka’bah.

Following the work of the Prophet Karim (peace be upon him), the work of washing the Holy Ka’bah is celebrated as a great festival.

As mentioned earlier, strict precautionary measures were taken this year due to the outbreak of coronavirus in the holy Ka’bah washing ceremony. Accordingly, following the hygiene rules, wearing a face mask, the Agatras complete the work of washing the Ka’bah.