Corona can attack the human brain directly

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Coronaviruses can also directly attack the human brain. U.S. scientists fear that this could lead to patients experiencing headaches, forgetfulness or confusion. However, scientists said, research on this is at an early stage.

S. Andrew Josephson, head of the Department of Neuroscience at the University of California, Berkeley, said: It is not impossible, he said, that the SARS-cove-to-virus, which causes corona, can break down the walls between blood vessels and cells in the brain.

In many cases, patients with corona are suffering from amnesia and various neurological disorders at different times. Akiko Yawasaki, an immunologist at Yale University, said in a research paper that the SARS-Cove-to-Virus can divide and replicate inside the brain. And it is not allowing oxygen to reach the brain cells. As a result, those cells are being destroyed.

This wall or covering, i.e. the blood-brain barrier, prevents any unfamiliar substance present in the blood from hitting the cells. That's what the Zika virus does. But Andrew said more research is needed to be sure.

Competition for the corona vaccine is still going on around the world. So far, the Russian-made Sputnik-V vaccine is in the third phase of the trial. Even better results are coming. Meanwhile, the Russian government released the vaccine to the public on Thursday (September 10).

Meanwhile, a volunteer fell ill during an Oxford vaccine trial and the clinical trial was called off. But this vaccine against corona gave scientists a lot of hope.

The total number of victims of corona in the world stands at 2 crore 82 lakh 41 thousand 578. So far 2 crore 2 lakh 40 thousand 994 people have recovered with treatment. 9 lakh 11 thousand 538 people have died due to the virus.