Bahrain, Israel agree to normalize relations

International Desk,, Dhaka
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The Gulf state of Bahrain has reached a `historic peace agreement' to normalize relations with Israel after the United Arab Emirates.

The United States, Israel and Bahrain made the announcement in a joint statement on Friday (September 11).

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Bahrain's King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa agreed to the deal, mediated by US President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump said in a tweet that this would happen so quickly; which is unimaginable. He said Israel and Bahrain have reached a landmark agreement.

The two countries agreed on the "historic peace" agreement after talks between the Israeli prime minister and the king of Bahrain on Friday, US President Donald Trump said in a joint statement.

The statement further said that this is a historic event in establishing peace in the Middle East.
For decades, most Arab countries have boycotted Israel, insisting that it will only establish relations once the Palestinian conflict is resolved.

Last month, however, the UAE agreed to normalize relations with Israel. There was a lot of speculation that Bahrain could follow the same path.

Earlier, on August 13, the two Middle Eastern countries, Israel and the United Arab Emirates, reached a historic peace agreement under the mediation of US President Donald Trump. As a result of the agreement, diplomatic relations between the two countries in the Middle East have returned to normal.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has said that the signing ceremony of the agreement will be held on September 15 at the White House where the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain will sign agreements with Israel separately on behalf of their countries.