A sigh of relief on the beach!

Imam Khair, District Correspondent, Barta24.com
photo Barta24.com

photo Barta24.com

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Cox's Bazar: Tourists breathe a sigh of relief on the open beach after it was closed for about 5 months due to the corona pandemic. Life has returned among the domestic and foreign tourists at the opening of the beach. They are coming to the beach in compliance with the hygiene rules.

They are passing time by bathing and laughing. As if the tourists have returned again in the full season. And the hotel owners are thinking of making up for the long-term losses.
The district administration opened the beach on last August 17 on condition of complying with the health rules. But at the beginning the tourist arrivals were not as expected.

However, the scene on Friday (September 18) afternoon was different. On this day, there were tourists from Laboni to Kalatali point.

Reshma-Jahed, a tourist couple from Shyamoli, Dhaka was having a good time at Laboni point. As if they got new youth back. I had talks with them. Reshma-Jahed said, according to them, corona kept them under house arrest for many days. They didn't even go to work. They did not visit father-in-law's house. After a long time, they came to the sea shore as if they got a 'prison-free life'.

With sister and nephew Dr. Ripon Chowdhury came to the beach along more 5 members of the family. Dr. Ripon Chowdhury spent a lot of time on the beach. They passed a noisy time. The young doctor of Cox's Bazaar Municipality was enjoying riding the horse of the little kids.

Abul Qasem Sikder, general secretary of the Hotel-Motel Guest House Owners' Association, said more than 450 residential establishments had suffered irreparable loss due to the closure during the corona period. They are thinking anew as the beach has been opened subject to conditions considering all aspects.

However, Abul Qasem Sikder said that he is ensuring the service to the tourists as per the instructions of the administration.

Mukim Khan, general secretary of the Kalatali Marine Drive Hotel Resort Owners' Association, said Star standard hotels are being booked by tourists. The condition of mediocre hotels is not good. Officers-employees in many organizations have not yet joined. Most of the salary is due.

He said it would take at least two more seasons to make up for the loss of the corona period. He also commented that many tourists are leaving after seeing the condition of the roads.

SP Zillur Rahman of Cox's Bazaar Tourist Police said that an awareness campaign is being carried out to go to sea following the hygiene rules. Besides the tourist police, the beach workers are also working sincerely. The SP of the tourist police requested to inform immediately if there is any complain of tourist harassment.

Cox's Bazaar deputy commissioner and President of the Beach Management Committee Kamal Hossain said that the tourist center of Cox's Bazaar has been opened on 13 conditions. It is being monitored whether the business establishments of seashore are complying with the hygiene rules.

An executive magistrate has been appointed for this. Tourists are also being asked to follow the hygiene rules. The deputy commissioner also said that if anyone violates the conditions, they will have to count fine.