Corona trembles Europe again, concerns increasing in USA

Dr. Mafuz Parvez, Associate Editor,, Dhaka
Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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The footsteps of the return of the global pandemic coronavirus are getting stronger and stronger. Corona's second wave has shaken Europe and raised concerns in the United States, where Corona suffered a major blow. The world media reported this news and brought corona back to the top headlines.

The lockdown is being 'actively thought' in Madrid, the capital and main city of Spain, a Western European country. Caution is also seen in Eastern Europe. The Czech Republic and Slovakia have declared a state of emergency this week. Slovakia has banned most major events from Wednesday (September 30), the official announcement said. It is a precautionary measure that has been taken to rein in the masses in the face of the new spread of corona.

The Czech Republic is also re-emerging as a state of emergency. Czech Health Minister Roman Primula will raise a state of emergency proposal in the cabinet on Tuesday (September 29). The Czech Republic is currently one of the countries with the highest infection rates in Europe.

In Europe, the corona rate has dropped slightly, but in the wake of the second wave, almost all countries have become wary. For the first time since the corona pandemic was shut down, a pleasure vessel, the Main Sheaf-6, entered Greek waters and was kept in the port of Piraeus for "extensive testing." Health check-up of 922 riders is being done. In the previous test, coronavirus positive was found in the body of 12 crew members of the pleasure vessel. However, none of the passengers had to show a negative certificate before boarding the ship. From now on, the strictness of Corona test has also been increased in Greece.

Large cities in the Netherlands have been urged to wear masks. Guidelines for corona hygiene and social distance have been issued. The government has ordered the closure of cafes and restaurants from 10pm on Tuesday (September 29) through an emergency announcement.

Corona infection is on the rise again in New York, one of the most important cities in the United States. In April, more corona infections were recorded there than in any other country in the world. As a result, a terrible situation arose in New York. Authorities have been able to reduce the number of infections for several months. But in the wake of the second wave of corona, the situation has again taken a delicate shape.

On Monday (September 28), the positive rate of Covid-19 test increased again and stood at 1.5 percent. This is a worrying situation for the state because, before that the rate was about 1 percent. About 45,000 people are infected every day in the United States. A week ago this rate was 40 thousand. Two weeks ago it was 35,000. Statistics show that infection has increased in the last two weeks in 26 of the 50 states in the United States. Infections have increased at an alarming rate in some areas of New York. These include expatriate areas such as Brooklyn and Queens.

The second wave of coronavirus has once again terrified the world with 10 lakh deaths and 3.5 crore infected people. Health researchers said immediate past global pandemics have stalled, killing millions of people around the world. If the second wave of corona is strong, the situation may go the way of the horrors of the past.

However, advances in technology and science have made it possible to take precautionary measures against corona, which has not been possible in the past. But even after about eight-nine months, no effective and safe vaccine against corona has been found. On the contrary, there is intense fighting and violent politics between the big countries over the vaccine. Moreover, multinational companies are aiming to make a lot of money through vaccines in the corona situation, which has made the ongoing global pandemic corona situation more embarrassing and fragile.