‘Easy to win but concede defeat is not easy’- Trump

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Dhaka: "It's easy to win elections," he said. But losing is not an easy task for him, says US President Donald Trump.

"I believe tonight is going to be great for us," he said. But it's politics and it's election. Anything can happen here. '

Voting for the U.S. presidential election begins on Tuesday. At noon local time that day, Trump traveled from Washington to the headquarters of his campaign camp in Arlington, Virginia.

Trump thanked the staff who worked tirelessly for so long.

Addressing supporters, Trump said their campaign in Florida, Arizona and Texas has been extremely good. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Pennsylvania. Easy to win! Losing is not easy. Not for me. '

Meanwhile, Trump has been running around the country for the last few days in the run-up to the election campaign. He held 48 rallies in the last 14 days. After hours and hours of speeches in several meetings and gatherings, his voice has become a bit broken. He seemed quite tired.