When the US election result will be known?

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The defeat of Republican candidate Donald Trump is almost certain in the visible direction of the US election results. However, he is not giving up. Counting is still going on in several important states. But US local time on Thursday (November 5) morning, Donald Trump called for a halt to the vote count.

Here some idea about the time when the results of the polls were likely to be released later this day.

Georgia: A key election official in the state said some new vote count information would be released at 12:30 pm local time (5:30 pm GMT). But that time has passed. That information has not come yet.

Nevada: There will be some new information on the vote count at GMT 5:30 p.m. These results can come at any moment. Republicans filed a lawsuit Thursday against the count in the state. They claim that 10,000 people who are no longer residents of the state voted.

Arizona: No new information is expected before 9pm local time (2pm GMT). Several TV channels have already reported that Mr. Biden has won in the state.

Pennsylvania: The state's Republican legislature banned the counting of any ballot papers before the vote. As a result, it is expected that it will take a few days to know the final results of this state.
NORTH CAROLINA: Results are unlikely before November 12. The ballots sent by post on polling day will arrive by November 12 and will be counted.

Incidentally, under the US Constitution, it is not possible for a person to be president more than twice. However, there is no provision in the constitution that no one can contest elections more than twice.
If Trump’s defeat to Joe Biden is not stopped in any way, he may be seen again in 2024 as the Republican presidential candidate.

A former Trump adviser told the BBC's Radio Four.