Joe Biden ahead in Pennsylvania: Trump fading

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Dhaka: Victory is becoming easier for Joe Biden as time goes on. He is also ahead of Trump in the backward states. After Georgia, Joe Biden left Trump behind in Pennsylvania.

The British news agency confirmed the matter to the BBC by a Pennsylvania election official.

Here, Biden is ahead of Trump by 5,596 votes. Of these, Biden got 3295327 votes, or 49.5 percent, while Trump got 3289731 votes, which is 49.4 percent. In Pennsylvania, 98 percent of the votes were counted.

Pennsylvania's victory could secure Joe Biden's 270 electoral votes. It has the highest number of electoral votes among the hanging states. There are 20 electoral votes in this state. To become president of the United States, 270 electoral votes are needed to win.

According to the results published in the news agencies, Biden has won 264 out of 538 electoral votes so far. Biden will be elected president with only 270 electoral votes if only six electoral votes are confirmed. On the other hand, Donald Trump got 214 electoral votes.

The final results of 5 federating states are yet to be announced. These are Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina and Alaska. Biden is ahead of Nevada and Georgia, including Pennsylvania. Trump, on the other hand, is ahead of North Carolina and Alaska by a clear margin. If Trump is to survive in the White House race, he must ensure victory in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia and North Carolina.