At last Trump admits Biden’s victory!

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Finally, Republican candidate Donald Trump tweeted acknowledging Joe Biden's victory.

In a tweet on Sunday (November 15), Trump claimed that Joe Biden had won the election but he rigged it. President Trump has yet to concede defeat after the vote count. However, in a tweet, Trump acknowledged that Biden had been elected president almost a week after the election.

Trump said Joe Biden won because of election fraud. Observers were not allowed to enter the polling station. The far-left-owned and controlled non-governmental organization oversaw the vote count. Those who do not deserve to get the job. Even after my victory in Texas, the results of the vote were changed with tools where I won by a huge margin. It involved fake and some silent media.

Earlier, in a news conference on Friday, Trump said, "Hopefully, anything can happen in the future. No one can say which administration will take responsibility. I think it will take time."

White House Press Secretary Caleig McKenney said at a news conference that President Trump believes he will return to power in a second term.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden received 306 Electoral College votes in the latest US presidential election. On the other hand, the current presidential and Republican candidate Donald Trump got 232 votes. Democrat leader Joe Biden is preparing to take office on January 20 without the cooperation of the Trump administration as he has not officially accepted the results of the vote.