UN wants temporary pause of the current violence in Ethiopia

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UN wants temporary pause of the current violence in Ethiopia

UN wants temporary pause of the current violence in Ethiopia

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The United Nations has called for a temporary halt to Ethiopia's ongoing violence. The United Nations wants to establish a humanitarian corridor to provide relief to victims of the two-week conflict in the country's northern Tigris region.

This information has been revealed from the report of the British media BBC.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed has not taken any steps to restore peace in the pro-independence region of Tigris. On the contrary, he is accused of cornering the Tigers in the name of massive political reform.

The UN refugee agency said up to 2 lakh refugees could seek refuge in Sudan in the next six months if the conflict in the Tigris continues. The organization has started preparations for that goal. If the ceasefire is implemented immediately, the relief agencies think that it will be possible to provide emergency humanitarian relief to these people.

However, the Ethiopian government has so far rejected calls for talks to resolve the crisis in the Tigris region. The TPLF, which is fighting in the Tigris region, no longer recognizes him as a legitimate president as the country's national elections have been postponed on two occasions. However, the prime minister demanded that the election be postponed until last June due to the Corona pandemic.

The country's central government's dispute with the Tigers' People's Liberation Front Party (TPLF) has escalated into bloody clashes. Hundreds of people have already lost their lives in the conflict.

In a statement issued in Geneva, spokesman Babar Baloch said the fund would be set up to help people in the area. It requires about 200 million US dollars. The money will be used to buy food, shelter and emergency supplies for people in areas where violence is rampant.

The money will be sent to Sudan because the UNHCR estimates that at least 2 lakh Ethiopians will be forced to seek refuge in Sudan in the next six months.

About 33,000 refugees have already fled to neighboring Sudan.