Facebook account of Trump will remain shut for two weeks

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Donald Trump. Photo: AP

Donald Trump. Photo: AP

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Donald Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts will remain closed until the handover of the presidential charge to Joe Biden. Therefore, the decision will be for at least the next two weeks.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the remarks on Thursday (January 7), according to Reuters.

In a Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg wrote, "We believe the risk of letting the president (Trump) use our services is much higher at this time. So we decided to extend the ban on his Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely. The ban will remain in place for at least two weeks before the peaceful transfer of power.

Earlier, another social media site, Twitter, also temporarily blocked President Trump's account. However, his account was opened after 12 hours on Thursday morning.

Twitter warned that he would be permanently blocked if he violated the rules and provided false information about the election. Twitter deleted tweets from Trump's account.

Trump is scheduled to hand over power to Democrat Biden on January 20.

Trump supporters rioted in an attempt to reverse the election results before the congressional session began Wednesday in recognition of Joe Biden's victory. One person was shot dead.

During the incident, Trump was posting one false post after another on social media. He posted a video clip. In these posts, Trump claims that Joe Biden stole the victory from him in the November 3 election. However, the video of that speech has been removed from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Ever since the announcement of the results of the US presidential election, US President Donald Trump and his supporters have been spreading baseless information on social media alleging election fraud.

Users have been putting pressure on social media for some time to take action in this regard. Many users also demanded the permanent closure of Donald Trump's accounts. However, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube occasionally took action against Trump.