Mike Pence rejects Democrats pressure to remove Trump

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Democrats are pushing for the removal of US President Donald Trump before his term expires. Vice President Mike Pence is under pressure from Democrats to exercise constitutional power to remove Trump.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has written a letter calling for Trump's impeachment under the 25th Amendment to the Constitution for failing to perform his duties after the attack on Capitol Hill. But on Tuesday (January 12), Vice President Mike Pence said he would not call for the 25th Amendment to remove President Donald Trump.

Rejecting the amendment's proposal, Pence said in response to the letter that this demand should be withdrawn. At the moment such emotions will further divide the country and create unrest. Pence said the 25th Amendment was designed to address the president's disability.

 Now the House of Representatives is looking at it as a political game. However, he will not meet this demand. Last week, Trump supporters carried out a horrific attack on the US Capitol, the US Capitol.

The manner in which the violence took place inside the building, known as the symbol of US democracy, was unprecedented. Five people, including a policeman, were killed in the violence. Trump has been impeached for allegedly inciting the attack. In such a situation, the Democrats are preparing to raise the impeachment motion.

 The impeachment motion against Trump will be voted on for the second time on Wednesday (January 13). Democrats hope the bill will pass the House of Representatives vote. If Vice President Mike Pence does not agree to the amendment, then the impeachment law will have to be drafted. We will act on an urgent basis, as this president represents an impending threat, Nancy Pelosi said in her letter.

The ongoing onslaught on democracy at its instigation has intensified and so immediate action is needed. Meanwhile, the BBC reports that Vice President Mike Pence met with Donald Trump on Monday (January 11) for the first time since the attack on Capitol Hill.