Chinese New Year: Infected by Corona!

Kanak Joyti, Contributing Correspondent, Dhaka
Chinese New Year: Infected by Corona

Chinese New Year: Infected by Corona

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Chinese New Year is the beginning of the lunar year, which is called Lunar Year. Like the Eid-ul-Fitr festival, Chinese people from all over the world want to go home to their relatives. And the bet is burned to drive away the demons

But this time, due to the corona, the Chinese New Year will be celebrated at the end of January and the beginning of February. The Chinese government has decided that the billions of people who will come to participate from home and abroad will be brought under strict isolation and other health measures.

In particular, members of the labor force working abroad will be subject to strict hygiene rules when they come to the country on the occasion of the Chinese New Year. Authorities are also considering limiting New Year's festivities.

Traditionally, there is no way to recognize the festive city of Beijing on Chinese New Year's Eve. About half of Beijing's 2 crore residents return home to their country and villages on New Year's Eve. Few crores of more people come from abroad. Everyone is scared and terrified at the hands of Corona.

Like the English New Year, the gala show is aired on state TV on New Year's Eve. Prominent artists perform songs in Chinese-Mandarin. Folk dance songs spread among lakhs of spectators. This special New Year's event for Corona will be disrupted.

Chinese New Year is also called the Year of the Snake. But snakes are not just poisonous snakes In China, snakes are considered a symbol of wisdom, prosperity and longevity Even though the snake is not auspicious as the dragon, it plays an important role in festive decorations.

In the festive season people are quite like dragons, snakes. Lakhs of people, covered in various animal forms, take part in carnivals in various cities and villages in China. There is joy and plenty of food and drink. The traditionally celebrated Chinese New Year will be missing in the global Corona pandemic.

In particular, the Chinese living abroad and in big cities go to the ancestral home of the ancestors on the occasion of the New Year and take part in various events there. During the Corona period, there is a restriction in mass movement of people.

Chinese New Year is not a one-day, but a fifteen-day event. The New Year goes from the rising of the new moon to the day of the new moon. The whole country and the nation take part in various events with extreme passion and formality. But there are doubts about how much it will be possible in the grip of Corona.

Last year, in 2020, the New Year was celebrated with great ease. This is because the coronavirus originated in Wuhan, Hubei Province, in December 2019, but did not spread throughout the country. But in 2020, like the rest of the world, the corona has spread all over China. With the New Year approaching in February 2021, fears of Corona prevail. As a result, the celebration of the centuries-old Chinese New Year in the hands of Corona has created uncertainty.

Incidentally, due to the global corona, the English New Year, Eid, Puja, Christmas were celebrated with restrictions in the last year, as well as the famous carnival of Latin America, Spain, Italy, Germany, France and various national festivals have been canceled. With the advent of the vaccine, the issue of quarantine and social distance has become important again as the new corona wave has spread. And this has stopped the Chinese New Year celebrations.