Anti-military coup movement in Myanmar is gaining momentum

International Desk,, Dhaka
Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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As the days go by, the anti-military coup movement in Myanmar is getting stronger. For the second day in a row, thousands took to the streets of Yangon, the country's capital, on Sunday (February 7) to protest military rule.

Opposition groups called for a boycott of protests in Myanmar on Monday (February 8), according to Reuters.

The largest protests in the country since the 2006 saffron revolution led by Buddhist monks took place on Sunday (February 7), according to international media reports.

Thousands of people, including men and women, have been protesting for the second day in a row over a military coup in Myanmar about a week ago. Many of them are young in age.

Protesters are using the VPN network to call for a rally as social media networks have been shut down. Everyone is being asked to come out peacefully and join the mass protests.

The former student leader, who has emerged as one of the faces of the new protest movement, said the location and time would be announced later.

Protesters took pictures of Myanmar's leader Aung San Suu Kyi. They are protesting after wearing red clothes. The flag of the Suu Kyi National League for Democracy (NLD) is red.

Protesters were seen carrying banners. One banner read, "Respect the voters."

Last Monday (February 1) there was a military coup in Myanmar. The coup overthrew Suu Kyi's elected NLD government. On the same day, Myanmar's military junta declared a state of emergency in the country for a year.

Senior NLD leaders, including State Councilor Suu Kyi and President Win Mint, were arrested on the day of the coup. Many more have been arrested in the incident.